Are Tyler The Creator And Jaden Metalworker Dating?

It depends on who you ask.

Any sh*t went consume at the 2018 Cantonment Lash Chew Circus in Los Angeles above the weekend. Jaden Metalworker the 20-year-old son of Testament and Jada, performed at the annual chin music fete created by President the Originator Metalworker fabricated a revelation patch he was on arrange ” President doesn’t wanna add but Tyler is my muthaf-ckin’fellow and he’s been my muthaf-ckin’fellow my hale f*ckin animation ” President the Creator is my f*ckin’fellow It’s true. ” Metalworker yelled, by XXL. As a matter of course what we wish to cognition is if this is true! Are Tyler the Creator and Jaden Metalworker dating?

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1. What went down?

Jaden was a part of the 2018 roll that besides included Ms Lauryn Mound Playboi Cardi, Kanye Due west Situation Malone, Sza, President the Originator and more He made the statement we quoted supra during his set He also aforementioned “I fair wish to say Tyler, the Creator is the better champion in the man and I bang him so f—ing lot ” Reportedly, President stood fair away arrange riant and smiling and shaking his head no while Jaden appeared to come out of the closet in a rattling world path

2. Hip hop’s new powerfulness couple?

It was difficult to differentiate in the moment if or not Jaden was goofing off or telling a above max He’s not normally single to hold backbone data file His Twitter bill has a very stream-of-consciousness feeling thereto. He also clothes in a fashion-forward, gender-fluid dash but up until this by weekend, Metalworker has not publicly commented on his sexuality. In 2016, Metalworker told Brits GQ, “I don’t see man dresses and womanhood dresses I just see scared human beings and comfy human beings ”

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3. The follow up

Admirers wish to know if Jaden was trolling President the Originator or cogent the verity Metalworker took any this is to Peep abaft the festival, expression “Yup @tylerthecreator I Told Everybody You Can’t Refuse It Now. ” , President responded, “hahaha you a crazy n— male

4. Is Jaden trolling?

Thither is any supposition that Jaden was trolling President who has captivated any estrus in the past for the use of the word ” faggot” in songs. Backbone in 2017, President revealed that he had a fellow when he was 15, expression “Open-minded now? I had a boyfriend when I was 15 in f—ing Hawthorne, n—-. If that’s not open-minded, so I don’t cognition what the f— is. ” Nexter he claimed that was a digital audiotape of word Eve earlier President took to Twitter to say: ” I tried to come out of the damn cupboard care foursome lives ago and no one cared. HAHAHAHAHHA. “

I TRIED TO COME OUT THE Anathemise Cupboard Care Foursome Lives Past AND NO ONE CARED HAHAHHAHAHA

— President The Creator (@tylerthecreator) April 13, 2015


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5. So, are they or aren’t they?

Who knows! I will say one affair though, we are all here for Smith and Tyler if they are boyfriends. Discourse bringing any lot needful multifariousness to the hip hop industry!

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